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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Rise & Shine

Good Morning & Welcome

No doubt you've heard the old saying, "Rise and Shine".  My mom used to say that followed by, "it's school time."  I dreaded hearing those words.
But, today, I'm excited to Rise and Shine because I am celebrating the accomplishments of two new friends, authors Kari Nichols and Iona Morrison, who chose to Rise & Shine.

Kari Nichols' debut novel "Rogue" is due out August 20, 2014; available through amazon and smashwords.

“We stand united, Family of Immortals. Plagued by life. Cursed by the hand of God …”
Rogue was born into an immortal Family whose wealth is marked by a trail of blood. But when he meets the executive assistant of his next target, his perfect plan suddenly unravels.
Lissie lives a mundane life filled with work … and little else. She hasn’t taken a risk since she moved to New York City after college—seven years ago. But when the mysterious Matthew McCloud walks through the door of her office, she finds herself diving head-first into a whirlwind romance she never saw coming.

An indie author, Kari describes herself as writer, traveler, and lover of life.  She writes romance, new adult, fantasy, historical fiction, and short stories. She and her husband also have a photography business at Cottonwood Studios and live in New York. 
Her other works in progress include "A Dysfunctional Life, due out fall of this year and "Ghost", book two of The Plagued Trilogy. 

Kari also has agreed to an interview about her first novel.  So be watching for that in the coming weeks.  To learn more about author Kari Nichols visit her on Twitter @thekarinichols

Iona Morrison's debut novel "The Harvest Club" is being released September 5, 2014 through book store and Amazon; in print and kindle..

Jessie Reynolds has no idea when she moves to Blue Cove, that she will be sharing her life with a ghost. A young pastor is murdered, and Jessie finds herself following the trail of that death into the dark world of organ trafficking.

Jessie is soon introduced to the detective in charge of the case. Matt Parker is a tall, scruffy, ruggedly handsome man who takes an instant dislike of her and the feelings are mutual. He wants her out of his case and she finds herself entangled in it. The tension between them mounts and so does the attraction.

An avid reader and author, Iona writes suspense, mystery, and sweet romance.  In my communications with Iona, she evokes a sense of calm and balance that is so encouraging to me and, I'm equally sure, to other aspiring authors.  She lives in Colorado with her husband and three sons.
Iona's other work in progress is "Not for Sale".  You can receive information regarding the status of her current works by visiting her web site and signing up to receive notifications via email. 
To learn more about author Iona Morrison, please contact her at or on Twitter @Ionacrv

I am especially grateful for these two ladies, not only for their friendship but for sharing their experience and talents with me as a writer.  My life and career has been enriched since connecting with Kari and Iona.  They both are very gracious on encouragement.  Any up and coming novelist would do well to get in touch with them. 

So,  please extend your congratulations with me to Kari Nichols and Iona Morrison and let's help these two ladies Shine; they deserve it.

This site is dedicated to showing off the talents of new authors and bringing an awareness to their latest releases.  Please check back for updates on other authors who Rise & Shine.

Alexia Stevens
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